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A reception for Casa de Arte’s opening of the art exhibit “Chiapas” will be on June 22, 2013, from 6 to 10 pm and will include live musica Chiapaneca and tamales Chiapanecos. The exhibit features art from photojournalists Orin Langelle and Bill Jungels; etchings with Mayan symbolism by Antún Kojtom, an ethnic Tzeltal Maya, and art crafts from Chiapas, to include textiles from indigenous weavers. The exhibit will run until July 28.

Lean en ingles el articolo en “Buffalo News”: Casa de Arte show spotlights Chiapas region


Mara Odette Guerrero with be in her gorgeous Chiapaneca dress and will recite a poem about her beloved land with passion (she was born in Chiapas) and the participating photojournalists will be there to talk about their art and involvement with organizations fighting human rights abuses in Chiapas.

Mara Odette Guerrero-Williams and Rick Williams

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